How is Direct selling different from ponzi or pyra

How is Direct selling different from ponzi or pyra.

In Direct Selling, Direct Sellers earn money by selling high-quality products and/or services and there is no provision that a Direct Seller will receive remuneration or incentives for the recruitment/ enrolment of new participants.
The cost of starting as a Direct Seller is zero. A Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme is a multi-layered network of subscribers to a scheme formed by subscribers enrolling one or more subscribers in order to receive any benefit,directly or indirectly,
as a result of enrolment, action or performance of additional subscribers to the scheme.The subscribers enrolling further subscriber(s) occupy higher position and the enrolled subscriber(s) lower position,
thus, with successive enrolments, they form multi-layered network of subscribers. Such Ponzi Schemes have no legal sanctity in the eyes of laws.